Small Batch Lightly Cooked Cat Food

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Small Batch Lightly Cooked Cat Food. Small batch freeze dried sliders. We place our classic batches in water.

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Smallbatch story products dog frozen raw dog freezedried dog lightly cooked cat frozen raw smallbatch blends treats sourcing + principles where to buy raw curious contact us. We place our classic batches in water. Freshingredients 80% humanely raised grass fed beef, 18% organic produce, 2% natural supplements beef hearts, beef bone, organic carrots, beef livers, beef kidneys, organic yams, organic broccoli, organic zucchini, salmon oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic kelp*, organic kale, organic collards, organic parsley, organic bee pollen, organic garlic, organic bilberry, organic wheat grass.

Lab testing every batch for nutrition and food safety (e.g., e.

I present two different recipes here, each of which makes about 1 cup of food, enough for 2 days for 2 cats. • with this fresh, human grade diet this affordable, there’s no excuse to not feed your pets the best 🙌 ☺︎ ︎ smallbatch offers a lightly cooked diet for pups. While not a major concern for larger dogs, these pieces may be harmful to dogs with smaller mouths or physical chewing limitations. Small batch freeze dried smallbites.